Friday, March 21, 2008

New Schmoo

Haven't updated for a little while due to running around like 'chicken minus head', STILL trying to nail my painting style and it looks like it'll be quite a nice departure from the graphic/illustrative gubbins I've floated around up until now.

New prints of selected pieces will be up and around soon, once again enormous thanks to those who have bought prints and contributed to me actually being able to do this stuff.

All the new stuff has been done at roughly A1 size so the poota was begining to peg out on a few of the more textured bits, but it means I can hopefully print them up nice and big and stay nice and crispy.



D.Killer said...

Uau i love ur work. Excellent and delicious for my eyes.
I like ur style and ur expresion, clean an efective.
Congratulations and regards from barcelona

RC Pop Art said...

This stuff is fantastic. I love the contrast between the careful pen and ink work and the messy paint work. Fine lines and big chunks of black. Everything I love. Great job. Are you currently working on a commercial work?

Amy said...

I absolutely adore your artwork... every once and a while I just go and look through your whole gallery!!! I plan to buy some prints, although the ones that I really love aren't in your store yet. I am a horseback rider, and I find the ones that you've worked horses into really interesting.

faust said...

Heyz, you have ncie works.
I like your style.
Have a nice day.

Louise said...

Fantastic stuff mate. Love your prints, cant wait to see the canvasses! Realy exciting to watch your style develop too. All the best. :)

ANTONIO said...


es super bueno...... increible manejo grafico

Amélie said...

your work is fantastic!!! I love so much

James Watkins said...

Oh my goodness. This is the strongest work I have seen for a while! Bravo.

tio de nadie said...

great work!! i love it :)

sorry for my ignorance but.. are they paintings on canvas or digital? or a mix of both?