Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Professional blogger that I am it's taken me about a year to upload to here, but this one's worth it! Red Propeller are releasing a new piece of mine as part of their CRUNCH BURGER series. All the details are on their site - http://www.redpropeller.co.uk/

Monday, April 21, 2008




Friday, March 21, 2008

New Schmoo

Haven't updated for a little while due to running around like 'chicken minus head', STILL trying to nail my painting style and it looks like it'll be quite a nice departure from the graphic/illustrative gubbins I've floated around up until now.

New prints of selected pieces will be up and around soon, once again enormous thanks to those who have bought prints and contributed to me actually being able to do this stuff.

All the new stuff has been done at roughly A1 size so the poota was begining to peg out on a few of the more textured bits, but it means I can hopefully print them up nice and big and stay nice and crispy.


Monday, January 21, 2008

Christo in Worthing

Myself and Madame Moomin went down to the beach yesterday to discover the aftermath of a shipwreck, its all over the news now but was still pretty mental none the less. I thought it looked like Christo had been at work in the night and dumped a 5000 ton installation on the pebbles, no doubt some clever sod will tranfer a load to the Tate Modern and call it "Requiem for the lost banana" or some such nonsense.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Halfway there.

The only survivor from a series of paintings I did this year, they mainly taught me what not to do ie trying to do glazes with house paint! The rest of the photos of the series were lost when my hard drive went bye byes, they may be on a disk somewhere but I've got several million to search through.
Hopefully 2008 will see many many more paintings so a few lost trial runs will be of little consequence.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Grimbo

Christmas time, Mistletoe in Brine.

The small boy surrounded by enough toys to sink an island is yours truly Xmas 1976, Mego Planet of the Apes figures were the mutts nuts!!! The card circa 1930's found in one of my many crates of junk.

Proto Byroglyphics

These are early incarnations of the stuff that I'm doing at the moment, there are about another million but these are just about blog worthy. Same photoshop tactics as my current stuff but a fraction of the time spent.

Incidental idiots

These guys were done around the time of SOUP, I thought they deserved a public flogging as they sort of grew out of nothing sadly they didn't survive very long.

Soup Gallery

In 2001 I hade the bold/idiotic move to open a shop/gallery in the village near my house, fortunately it was on a 6 month lease and I managed to make my rent money back, in another world or maybe a bigger town I would have made a few coins but it was a fun experience and a chance to play fantasy gallery owner. RIP SOUP :(

Sunday Morning, Palace Pier.

This is still one of my favourite paintings mainly because I laboured over it for weeks, It's been on the wall in my studio for about 7 years and must have stood the test of time because I can still look at it without recoiling in horror. I'll put up some studio shots in the near future to give an idea of scale.

Awkward Portraits 2000

Portrait dabblings in the midst, these are the only two worth a cold cup of piss someone even bought the top one.

Moonflowers 2000

In tandem with various other bits and pieces I churned out a ton of these, mainly because they were nice and quick and moderately effective, they also bought me beers on numerous occasions when i had no money. Moonflowers may very well make a return in the future in a slightly more matured guise.

Contact 20

These fellas went into the contact illustrators book in '03 needless to say I didn't get a sniff of any work and was a fat load of cash down for the priveledge, well live and learn.

Slightly more developed 'nauts 2002

I ran/crawled with the Alconaut characters for a while and developed them 'ish, these managed not to get swiped.

Alconauts 2000

In keeping with the upside down and back to front method, these three pieces were the birth of the Alconauts characters I meddled with in another transition of styles. I put them in a long since defunkt gallery in Brighton and they were nicked by a kindly smack head, so they may or may not be messing with someones mind somewhere.

Video Stills 1995

At Uni I did very little drawing and still regret that fact, I specialised in experimental animation and used camcorder footage to string together little sequences of quick fire images. These could be roughly interpreted as moving paintings, the stills are taken from the video monitor hence the spectacular quality :) I'll upload the videos in due course.

1995- Sketchbook Atrocities

These are from a book I have kept very safe, they're at the other end of the spectrum from the stuff I do now but offer a better insight into my back to front mind.

Northbrook College 1992

Art college was one of the happiest times of my life, worries were at an all time minimum and I was surrounded by some truly wonderful people. These pictures are from my end of year show and still make me happy.