Monday, January 21, 2008

Christo in Worthing

Myself and Madame Moomin went down to the beach yesterday to discover the aftermath of a shipwreck, its all over the news now but was still pretty mental none the less. I thought it looked like Christo had been at work in the night and dumped a 5000 ton installation on the pebbles, no doubt some clever sod will tranfer a load to the Tate Modern and call it "Requiem for the lost banana" or some such nonsense.


Collin van der Sluijs said...

like your blog, and work of course. greetings from the netherlands, collin van der sluijs

Bill Evertson said...

From across the pond - Found your blog through a mention on Sarah Elizabeth's site. Love the work on Moon flower, alconauts and contact 20. Crazy Brit humor must be a gene as I've linked to a transplanted insane Brit a few days ago. Great work.